Art and Design

Opportunities for children to explore ideas, experiment, invent and create their own works of art and design are central to our Art and Design curriculum. Focusing on developing and refining a range of skills including drawing, painting, sculpture, printing and craft and design techniques we explore   colour, line, pattern, texture, shape, form and space. Central to our learning is studying the works of great artists and designers from throughout history and across a range of cultures and we learn to use the vocabulary of art, craft and design to analyse and evaluate our own and others’ creative pieces.

Autumn Term 2021

Early Years, Year 1 and 2

Investigating materials

We’ll be folding, scrunching, tearing, cutting and pleating papers and fabrics in Art this term, experimenting with different ways of joining them together and colouring them using dyes and water-based paints. We will investigate different weaving techniques and then select a range of  materials to make our own weavings from natural and made materials.


Spring Term 2022

Year 3 and 4


Our starting point for our exploration of journeys in art is how journeys are visually represented in our own and other cultures, with a focus on works by Paul Klee and David  Hockney and on symbolism in Aboriginal art, in particular Emily Kngwarreye’s paintings. A point of discussion will be whether art can be read like words and music. We will      invent imaginary journeys and talk about details we might spot and will share details of familiar, real-life journeys,   creating and embellishing signs and symbols to represent these. Finally, we will use marks and lines, pattern, texture and colour to represent a journey, real or imagined, choosing materials and processes such as painting, collage and print making that best convey its different parts. 

Key vocabulary for this focus:-

texture, symbol, structures, perspective, traditional,  indigenous, aerial, birds-eye view, as the crow flies, diagrams, collage, mixed-media, vibrant, subtle, portray, Ordnance Survey

Year 5 and 6

We will complete our head gear (hats) and have a photo shoot\fashion show! Click here to view our hats. 









Spring Term 2020

Rec and Year 1: Art and Design for this term is inspired by our investigation into toys in both History and Design and Technology. We will be working in both two and three dimensions, focusing on            drawing skills, printing techniques and modelling using clay and papier-mâché.

Year 2 and 3: Mother nature is our source of inspiration this term as we explore shape, line, colour and texture in the natural world. We will then use our observational drawings of natural objects as the basis for mixed-media collages.

Year4, 5 and 6: This term we are exploring the craft tradition of making vessels and containers. After researching works from different cultures and by a range of contemporary designers and ceramicists we will design and make our own vessels or containers.


You can see the  National Curriculum Art Programmes of study by clicking on the link below


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