Computational thinking and creativity are at the heart of the computing curriculum. The three strands of the computing curriculum are: information technology where students learn how to effectively and safely use digital technology in a wide range of contexts, computer science where pupils learn how digital systems work and programming or coding where students learn how to develop, manipulate and write programs to control digital devices. Computing has strong links across many areas of the curriculum our planning provides learning in a range of meaningful and engaging contexts. Computing links to Articles 3 (children have the right for people to do what is in their best interests), 34 (protection from exploitation) from Rights’ of the Child and the Global Goals (Innovation and Infrastructure).

C.A.D. (Computer Aided Design)

In our computing lessons, we have been finding out about C.A.D. through learning how to use TinkerCAD. 
We have designed and made our own key rings which we have been able to print off. It took a lot of perseverance and ‘tinkering’ to get our designs ready to print and we learned so much from the process of going from our initial idea to finished product. 


Year 2 and 3 Computing 

We have made our own stop motion animations in our computing learning this term. We have created our own storyboards, made our own backdrops and props and then filmed and edited these fantastic short films.
We hope that you enjoy watching them as much as we have enjoyed making them!

Click on this link to watch our animations

Mission To Mars

In a joint science and computing lesson, teams of students from years 5 and 6 were challenged to build and programme a Mars rover to explore and gather information. The huge distance between Earth and Mars means that there is a time delay of 12-minutes between sending instructions and receiving any feedback from the rover. This meant that the teams needed to write extremely detailed and accurate code to avoid disaster!



You can see the  National Curriculum Computing Programmes of study by clicking on the link below


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