Speaking and listening and learning to read and write are given high priority at our school. Children learn these skills in English lessons and then apply them in all other subjects each week. Teachers plan together to ensure children use these skills in purposeful, relevant and meaningful activities throughout the curriculum. We provide many opportunities for pupils to develop communication skills through talk, Philosophy for Children, drama and ICT. Phonics, spelling and grammar skills are taught to all children.

We personalise learning to meet the needs of each child. We assess individual children’s reading and writing skills and, together with the child and their parents, we plan their next stage of development. We teach writing through contexts that are meaningful and purposeful for the child so that they want to write and enjoy developing their skills. Spelling and handwriting are taught daily in ways that engage the children in their learning. We want all our children to enjoy learning.

You can see the  National Curriculum English Programmes of study by clicking on the link below


Year 5 and 6 English and Philosophy

We have been finding out more about what forces people to become refugees and what challenges they face in their search for safety. We have read newspaper articles, carried out research using trusted online sources and read poetry about the situation, including the poem, Refugees by Brian Bilston which we used as a stimulus for a P4C enquiry. We have looked at how the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Human Rights Act supports refugees right to seek safety. We have made some short films which aim to educate and promote people’s understanding and empathy of and for people who find themselves living as refugees. Follow the link to have a watch


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