Our R.E. curriculum follows the Cumbria Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. The key aims of the R.E. curriculum are that students are: informed and know about a range of religions and world views, expressive and can express their own ideas and insights about a range of religions and world views, and enquiring and reflective so that they can engage seriously with a range of religions and world views. We approach our R.E. learning in a range of ways, including an enquiry led approach through P4C. Articles 30 (cultural and religious freedom), 14 (religious beliefs) and 13 (freedom of speech) are strong links across all of our R.E. learning.

Spring Term 2020

YR&1: We will be visiting the church in Armathwaite as a part of our mapping project and will use this opportunity to look at all the different features of the church that we found out about last term.

Y2&3: We will be studying Buddhism this term and finding out about Buddhist’s places of worship and sacred places.

Y4,5&6: This term we will be learning about Buddhism and their sacred places and spiritual beliefs and practices.



Philosophy and P4C (Philosophy for Children) is a central part of our pedagogical approach and we are extremely proud of being a P4C Gold school. This approach is embedded across all of our learning, discussions and decision making in school. It is a thread that runs through all that we do. Discrete philosophy sessions build on student’s skills and understanding of this approach and develop them as creative, caring, critical and collaborative thinkers. These skills are used and applied in all of our learning and help make us active and engaged learners.

Spring Term 2020

YR&1: We will be thinking about identity, diversity and inclusion through the stories: Same, Same but Different, Nothing and Ruby, linked to our focus on toys in D.T. and history along with Article 31 of the UNICEF Conventions for the Rights’ of the Child, the right to play.

Y2&3: In philosophy this term, we will be digging into the concepts of fairness and sharing. We will also be using P4C as an approach in some of our R.E. learning. This will link to Global Goals (reduced inequality) and Rights’ of the Child.

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