Good morning everyone,


What a lovely sunny day!

It is so beautiful that I was just thinking if my three children were at home today and as young as yours I would forget the set home learning work and make the most of the sunshine! Now I’ll just have to play outside on my own! I know some people are finding it tricky getting their children to concentrate so if this includes you know that you are not alone. It has been a very unsettling time for all of us, children included. Your children definitely need the holidays. They need the break as it should have been ~ as much normality as possible. Whether you choose to start this now and then complete the work sent home before term starts again is something to consider. Alternatively, if all is going well, keep going this week and start the holiday next week. Reading is non-negotiable EVERY DAY please. What you expect your child to do they will, but you need to believe they will do it too. If you don’t think they will then they won’t. Our children are so much clever than we are! They can sense what we are thinking.


In other news, I have been busy working with the heads from our cluster ~ Plumpton, Calthwaite, Stainton, Penruddock, Patterdale, Penruddock, Greystoke, Skelton, Langwathby and Kirkoswald. We are setting up a hub school for the children of two key worker families and vulnerable children. This will be running from next Monday.  We are having another video meeting this morning to do final planning. Isn’t technology great! Staff from all these schools who have volunteered will work on a rota. I’ll let you know how we are getting on with this.


My tip for the day is play out in the garden and get a much needed bit of sunshine.


Also, please find attached a link to a good activity you could work with at home. It’s all about how we can fight Coronavirus. Have a look and keep in reserve for when the weather is less good. It came from Alex Wilkinson the Chair of Cumbria Primary Heads Association. He is working tirelessly to keep all schools informed and supported, so deserves a mention. Hope you find it useful.




Tomorrow links to activities in your garden and wildlife watching from your window will be attached for you.


Have a good day in the sunshine and remember playing is learning.


Best wishes,

Mrs H