Hello Everyone,


Just a quick email to say thank you to everyone for a positive week of home learning. We have done remarkably well getting going with Seesaw and it has been lovely to see and hear the children. It is a challenging and worrying time for us all. I have attached a couple of posters to support you to keep you all safe. One is from our health and safety consultant about staying safe online and the other is advice for when your child is unwell and has come by email from Cumbria Police. I hope you find them useful.You can see them in The Letters to Parents section on the website



If you are finding it tricky having enough devices for everyone to share and would like a printed copy of the daily maths activity I can do this for you and leave it in a named envelope in the school porch for you to collect. I am happy to do this on Monday morning when I have a phone meeting scheduled. I would wear gloves throughout the printing and packing process.

Once your child completed the work you could take a photo of the sheets and upload for the teacher to mark. I know you need to watch the video lesson too but maybe this could be done at another time when an older brother or sister isn’t using the device for school work.


Well, I know the days merge but it is Friday, so try to get all the activities completed and relax and enjoy the weekend.

The work for next week will be assigned on Monday. You will be able to see the work set for each day. Best advice is little and often ~ don’t leave it all until Sunday night ~ (says Mrs H who always needs a deadline!)


Have a good weekend with your lovely families. Stay safe and well.


Best wishes,